[2004 - 2005]




[Jan 2011 - Present] - CTO - Nextly

[Sep 2008 - Present] - Principal - Joylab

Launched Joylab, a technology consulting and development company with emphasis on early stage startups.

[Jan 2006 - Aug 2008] - Research Physicist - MIT

Working at the MIT Nuclear Science Laboratory on optimizing QCD codes on our BlueGene system called Bugle.

[Sep 2005 - Dec 2005] - Applications Consultant - EPCC

Developed a prototype supercomputer based on FPGAs in collaboration with partners from industry (FHPCA)

[Sep 2004 - Sep 2005] - Software Development - EPCC

[Sep 2001 - Aug 2004] - System Administrator - CAMS / AUB

Responsible for the well-being and growth of the heterogeneous network at the Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS) where I administered over 30 clients (Linux, True64, Windows), 3 servers (Mail, Web, Samba, NFS, NIS, Squid), and 3 parallel computing clusters.

[Apr 2002 - May 2002] - Consultancy

Guided Compaq's Lebanon representatives, Midware Data Systems(MDS), in the setup of a High Availability Cluster (HACMP)

[Apr 2000 - Jun 2000] - Web Development

Designed the American University of Beirut Chemistry Department website


Familiar HPC Platforms
IBM BlueGene Systems (Bugle, BlueSky), QCDOC Supercomputer, IBM p690+ Regatta Clusters (HPCx), IBM p630/SP2 Clusters (Ibnsina), Sun SunFire 15K (Lomond)

Parallel Environments
MPI (preferred), OpenMP, POE, PVM, OpenMosix, Globus

Benchmarking Tools
Linpack (HPL), NAS (Serial and Parallel), STREAM

Programming/Scripting Languages
C (preferred), C++, Fortran/HPF, Java, Scheme, Bash, Perl, PHP, XML/Ajax, SOAP, REST (Web services/APIs)

Web Programming
Ruby, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Web Technologies
Websocket, PubSub, Ajax, SOAP, REST (Web services/APIs), HTML5, CSS3

Web Frameworks and Libraries
Ruby on Rails(RoR), CakePHP, Sencha (ExtJS, Sencha Touch), jQuery

GDB, HPMcount, Totalview, Vampir

Server Applications
Apache, Nginx, Node.js, Bind, Exim, PostFix, Dovecot, SendMail, IPtables, MySQL (preferred), DB2, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Samba, SSL, Squid

Server Monitoring and Security
Nagios, Munin, Nessus, Chkrootkit, Rkhunter, Ettercap, Wireshark, Ethereal

OS Environments
AIX, Digital Unix (True64), Linux (Debian, Gentoo, LFS, Mandrake, RedHat, SUSE), Mac OS X, Plan 9, Solaris, Windows (2000, XP)

Visualization Tools
AVS Express, VTK

LateX, Markdown

Code Repositories

Certifications - Affiliations - Training

IBM Rochester Blue Gene/L System Administration Training - March 2006
LPI (Linux Professional Institute) Level I - February 2004
IBM Certified Specialist in pSeries System Support - November 13, 2003
IEEE member for 7 years

Conferences - Schools - Workshops

[Jun 24-28, 2007] - ``Scientific Discovery Through Advanced Computing'', Boston, USA
[Jan 27-28, 2006] - ``QCD BlueGene/L Software Workshop'', Boston, USA
[Oct 4-6, 2005] - ``QCDOC and BlueGene: Next Generation of HPC Architecture'', Edinburgh, UK
[May 31-June 3, 2005] - ``IBM Scientific Computing Conference - Scicomp 2005'', Edinburgh, UK
[Apr 13-14, 2005] - ``UKQCD HackLatt Workshop...a workshop on lattice QCD codes'', Edinburgh, UK
[Feb 21-22, 2005] - ``Technical Symposium on Reconfigurable Computing with FPGAs'', Manchester, UK
[Jul 19-23, 2004] - Organizing Committee Member for the ``ACS/IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Services (ICPS'2004)'', Beirut, Lebanon
[Dec 18-21, 2002] - ``9th International Conference on High Performance Computing'', Bangalore, India
[Jul 08-19, 2002] - ``First Middle East/North Africa Summer School on Parallel, Distributed, Mobile and Internet Computing'', Beirut, Lebanon

Publications - Articles

``Deep Into BlueGene, Open Technologies in a Petaflops Supercomputer'', Khoriaty J., Linux World magazine feature (, Feb. 1 2005, 34-37, 46.

``Kernel Performance on QCDOC'', Khoriaty J., MSc Dissertation, University of Edinburgh, Aug. 2005

Work in progress:
``Accelerating Supercomputers, FPGAs, GPUs and the Cell Processor'', Khoriaty J.


Languages: Fluent in Arabic, English, and French. Basic German. Learning Swedish.


Parallel Computing
Interested in new ways to build, manage and program Massively Parallel Systems (MPPs) - currently following up on the issues involved with using FPGAs

Web Services and Data Mining
I'm maintaining personal codes which tap into existing web services in media/trade/news then generate recommendations and predictions

Open Source
I am an active member in the Lebanese Linux User Group, I was president of the LUG in 2002


References are available upon request. They include people from both academia and industry



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