Chorus 1:

E                       Em
All I can say is that my

D                     Dsus4 D
Life is pretty plain

  A                         G5     E    E7 E E7 E
I like watching the puddles gather rain

And all I can do is just

D                     Dsus4 D
Pour some tea for two

And speak my point of view

    G        E    E E7
But it's not sane

It's not sane
**Figure 1 then Figure 2 played with verses and rhythm strum**

Verse 1

E           D          E
I just want someone to say to me

No oh oh oh

E             D              E
I'll always be there when you wake

**End fill for Figure two then Verse two**

You know I'd like to
Keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I'll have it made.
(I'll have it made)

**Figure 1 once**

2nd Chorus
(And I) don't understand why I

D             Dsus4 D
sleep all day.

      A                      G5         E     E7 E E7 E
and I start to complain that there's no rain.

and all I can do is read a

D             Dsus4 D
book to stay awake

   A                     G              E
It rips my life away but it's a great escape   **Lead plays Figure 1
                                                  four times with double
E              E             E                     whole strums on each
escape         escape        escape                 enunciation**