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One by U2 I heard it was written in A dirty Berlin while the band was having difficulties in working together Edge came up with this amazingly beautiful riff and Bono wrote the lyrics about the band being one , it kept them rockin on hope it does the same for you.
Colin McNulty 

 I took the tab from 
Aaron S. Field
University of Illinois at Chicago

And the chord pro from
brandt@axon.cs.unc.edu (#66 Andrew Brandt)

play this as the intro and during the verse

[Am]Is it getting [Dsus2]better
[Fmaj7]Or do you feel the [G]same
[Am]Will it make it [Dsus2]easier on you
[Fmaj7]Now you got someone to [G]blame

You say
[C]One love
[Am]One life
[Fmaj7]When it's one need
[C]In the night

It's [C]one love
[Am]We get to share it
[Fmaj7]It leaves you baby
If you [C]don't care for it
[Am]       [Dsus2]       [Fmaj7]       [G]

#(Rest of song continues the same way until otherwise written)
[Am]Did I disap[Dsus2]point you
[Fmaj7]Or leave a bad taste in your [G]mouth
[Am]You act like you never [Dsus2]had love
[Fmaj7]And you want me to go with[G]out

Well it's [C]too late
[Fmaj7]To drag the past out
In[C]to the light

[C]We're one
But we're [Am]not the same
We get to [Fmaj7]carry each other
[C]Carry each other
[C]       [Am]       [Fmaj7]       [C]

[Am]Have you come here for for[Dsus2]giveness
[Fmaj7]Have you come to raise the [G]dead
[Am]Have you come here to play [Dsus2]Jesus
[Fmaj7]To the lepers in your [G]head

Did I [C]ask too much
[Am]More than a lot
[Fmaj7]You gave me nothing
Now it's [C]all I got

We're [C]one
But we're [Am]not the same
We [Fmaj7]hurt each other
Then we [C]do it again

You say
[C]Love is a temple
[Am]Love a higher law
[C]Love is a temple
[Am]Love the higher law

[C]You ask me to enter
[G]But then you make me crawl
And I can't be holding [Fmaj7]on
To what you got
When all you got is [C]hurt

[C]One love
[Am]One blood
[Fmaj7]One life
[C]You got to do what you should
#(Rest of song continues as verse above)
[C]One life
[Am]With each other

[C]One life
[Am]But we're not the same
[Fmaj7]We get to carry each other
[C]Carry each other

# end of chords
#TAB (Edge's guitar solo at end of song)
{comment:Edge's guitar solo at end of song}
(repeat measure 3 times)
#  C     x 3 2 0 1 x
#  Am    x x 2 2 1 x
#  Dsus2 x x x 2 3 x
#  Fmaj7 x x 3 2 1 x
#  G     x x 5 4 3 x