Source Code

I've made these codes available with the hope that they may be useful to someone out there. They come without any warranty. You can redistribute and/or modify them under the GNU GPL terms.


  • This program reconstructs an image from its edges using Jacobi iterations in a 2d domain decomposition with halo swapping.


  • This program implements a parallel version of TRED2 -- it reduces a real symmetric NxN matrix to tridiagonal form.

Molecular Dynamics

  • Serial optimized Molecular Dynamics code (in C)

Java Threads

  • Parallel Adaptive Quadrature code using Java threads. Finds the value of an integral of a function on a closed interval to a specified accuracy.


  • AVS
    Represents the interface between two fluid domains (AVS Network) -- displays the chemical potential (AVS Module) and generates an animation of the interfacial motion in order to see its evolution through time.
  • VTK
    Represents the interface between two fluid domains -- presents the velocity field at the interface.

Cross Referenced Open Software

The following are open codes that I've cross-referenced and added online for quick reference


These codes are part of the SciDAC US QCD Software.
  • QMP
    Message Passing Standard
  • QDP
    Lattice Data Parallel operations(shifts, linear algebra, terminal I/O, binary I/O)
  • QLA
    Single Site Linear Algebra
  • Chroma
    Physics Library / Applications (HMC, Linear Ops(SSE Dslash), propagators(SSE DWF CG))